Addiction recovery requires compassionate and focused professionals who always have your best interest in mind.

We are dedicated to your treatment. What you need is a comprehensive and customized recovery that bends to your needs. Before you do any of this however, you need to admit to yourself that you have a problem you can’t solve, a condition you can’t overcome on your own, and an addiction you cannot control. It’s okay.

This is a part of the process. When you get rid of your denial and realize you need professional addiction treatment, you will be able to pursue the structure at one of our addiction treatment facilities.

Oak Creek Recovery
Where Addiction Ends and Life Begins

The first step after denial is to enroll in our one of our addiction treatment clinics for a supervised withdrawal. While you are going through this process of ridding your body of the harmful toxins that keep you dependent on your drug of choice, you will go through symptoms and side effects. To make sure this goes as smoothly as possible, we watch over our clients to see to it that they are comfortable and safe. th the help of our addiction specialists at our drug detox center, you will be able to have the most efficient and effective detox.

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Then you will go to therapy with a personal counselor to begin working on your overall mental health and healing.

When you come to these sessions, you will first vent your struggles, receive advice, and create a personalized addiction treatment plan that will be based upon your needs and circumstances.

This will also be where you get screened for dual diagnosis mental health issues. Working with a counselor will help you get comfortable with sharing, which will lead to making your time in our addiction treatment facility more effective.